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DOVKA in Skopelos Town


A Quiet Lunch While Scootering Around Andros Island


Just What Time Is It On Psara?


Sid Relaxing During a Short Hike


A Calm, Uninhabited Anchorage



DOVKA with Two Other 1985 Sister Ships, Porto Kofu


Sunset on Alonnisos Island


The Village of Litochoro Below Mt. Olympus

Rebecca at Litochoro Guest House


Snow in July on the Slopes of Mt. Olympus


Breakfast on Mt. Olympus


Rebecca Calling Her Son from Mt. Olympus


A Perfect Day for a Mountain Hike


The Nearly-Fatal Nissan, Hours Before the Crash


Rebecca on the Road to Recovery in Frankfurt Hospital ICU


Good Old Friends, Bob & Dave, Helping Move DOVKA to Turkey


Puting DOVKA to Bed for the Winter in Ayvalik, Turkey


Greek Ruins at Pergamon, Turkey

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